EV Charging & Solar Installations

We are building the infrastructure to efficiently charge the nation’s electric vehicles. With our turn-key solar energy system it’s easier than ever to lower your monthly energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint. Our goal is a new world of electric vehicles powered by the sun. 

We stand behind the quality of our installations. Goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction. 

We offer all the information upfront and work primarily with referrals. No sales calls. 

We assure that the cost of installation is fully covered by the savings in energy costs.

Solar Revolution

The cost of electricity is increasing at an average of 3.8% per year (a monthly bill of $285 now becomes $577 in 20 years) and the average cost of charging a car adds an additional $105 a month! Going solar is more important than ever. A solar panel system can result in a lifetime savings in excess of $30,000, plus a $6,560 bonus from the 26% Federal Tax Credit.

Types of EV Chargers

Level 2 Home Chargers

EV Car chargers are classified in three levels. Level1, Level2 and Direct Current (DC) fast charging. We supply and install Level 2 240V home chargers with 11.5 kW output, which charge 15 times faster than Level 1.

DC Fast Commercial Chargers

DC chargers from 25 KW to 350 kW are the highest-powered EV chargers in the market. Most of the new luxury cars are capable of accepting at least 150 kW chargers for a quick 30 to 45 minute fll up. We supply and install DC commercial chargers.

Save Energy & Money

Solar Batteries


Add 1 Solar Battery and Skip Black Outs


Cost of 13.50 kW Battery:

? The installation cost for cash versus financing total

Monthly Payment

? Assumes good credit actual rates may vary

Monthly Load Shifting Savings:

? Battery allows you to use its stored energy when the utilities rates are at the highest and charge it from solar when they are lowest

26% Solar Federal Tax Credit:

? You can lower your federal taxes by 26% of the installation cost that year or over 3 years

Net Monthly Cost:

? After the 10 year period the savings will increase since the system will be paid completely paid off

Solar Calculator

Google Project – Sunroof offers a free instant solar analysis of your home based on your address by calculating the amount of the sun, pitch and orientation of your roof taking into consideration your current electric bill. We are also available to provide you with a free, no strings attached, estimate to see if Solar makes sense for your home or business.


Home Solar is a Winning Proposition

After Solar

Current Average Monthly Payment

? Your estimated monthly utility payment after going solar for the first year

Cost of System $25,230…

? Assumes good credit. Actual rates may vary

Total Monthly Payment

? The total of energy costs plus monthly payments

Total Energy Cost at 3.8% Annual Increase

? Your estimated total cost of electricity over 20 years before and after going solar. After solar cost includes the estimated total cost of the system including financing and utility bills

System Up-Front Cost of installation

? Estimated cost of 7.25kW system. Actual pricing will vary depending on permits and local labor costs

20 Year Financing @ 6.6% at $190 per month

? Assumes good credit. Actual rates will vary

Total 20 Year Energy and Financing costs

? Comparing paying cash versus financing

Lifetime Savings from Before Solar

? Your total savings is your avoided cost of utility energy over 20 years less the cost of your solar PV system, including estimated utility rate increases and solar panel production degradation

26% Solar Federal Tax Credit

? You can lower your federal taxes by 26% of the installation cost that year or over 3 years

Lifetime Net Savings

? After the 20 year period the savings will increase since the system will be completely paid off

26%Tax Bonus & Home Appreciation

In addition to energy savings and reducing the independence on utilities providers, there are two other key advantages: 

(1) You can claim Investment Tax Credit of 26% of the total cost of solar or battery installation you purchased (not leased or PPA contract) to lower your federal taxes for this year or over the next 3 years.
(2) Zillow research shows that adding solar increases the value of a home by 4.1%. With an average home value of $871,000 in Orange County, CA, this translates to an appreciation of $35,710 – enough to cover the entire cost of the solar installation!

Minimizing Our Footprint
on Our Planet

It’s very rare that we the people have the opportunity to do something great for the environment while saving money by reducing our electric bill expense. Every year our planet receives 3024 Terawatts (Trillion Watts) power from the sun. Our entire worldwide energy consumption is only 12 Terawatts per year. However, as of now only 2% of our energy needs comes from solar. We all must commit to convert to solar energy at home and electric vehicles on the road starting now.


Amazing Electric Luxury Cars Arriving Soon

Time to 80% Charge

Home-11 kW DC-200 kW
2022 Mercedes EQS 450 400 miles329 hp5.5 sec108 kW200 kW

7:51 hours 43 min
2022 Mercedes EQS 580 400 miles516 hp4.1 sec108 kW200 kW

7:51 hours 43 min
2022 Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron218 miles355 hp5.5 sec95 kW150 kW

6:54 hours 30 min
2022 BMW iX300 miles500 hp5.0 sec100 kW200 kW

7:16 hours 24 min
2021 PorscheTaycan 4S227 miles522 hp3.4 sec79 kW270 kW

5:45 hours 22 min
2022 Hummer EV Pickup250 miles625 hpN/A200 kW350 kW

14:54 hours 22 min
2023 Cadillac Lyriq300 miles340 hp5.4 sec100 kW240 kW

7:27 hours 24 min