Why take your business solar?

Investing in solar means investing in the future

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4 major financial benefits but you have to act fast!

Avoid increasing electricity rates

Electricity rates increased 17.6% in 2021, and 13.9% the previous two years. Payments to finance your system will be less than your current electric rates and never go up.

Receive up to 55% in tax benefits

The US government will cover 30% of the installation cost of solar, roof repairs and battery storage as a direct credit to your corporate federal income taxes. In addition, it allows accelerated depreciation of 85% for federal and 100% for California State tax returns resulting in another potential 20% tax savings for profitable businesses.

Get paid more for the energy you create

Proposed California legislation will reduce the credit you receive when sending extra energy back to the grid by around 75% as of April 15, 2023. Install your system now and lock in the current low rates for 20 years.

30 year warranty

Enjoy the longest period of comprehensive protection through our partner Solar Insure. When installing a 20 megawatts or less system, you will receive 30 year coverage for parts and labor which includes component monitoring to allow our installers to stay on top of service calls and claims processing.

With our concierge service, you can get solar in 3 easy steps:

evNation’s service starts with a consultation visit of your site to determine your specific needs.

We work directly with utility providers to determine what incentives your business will qualify for.

We design a custom tailored project and manage the installation and activation of your fully permitted, engineered system.

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