Why You Should Still Install a Wall Mount Charger vs. Use a Travel Charger at Home

All 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQ’s will come with a Webasto Go Dual Voltage Portable EV Charger (Retail $550) which is a good tool to use on road trips and vacation destinations for emergency charging. Other manufacturers, like Audi, BMW, Porsche, etc. also offer comparable portable chargers with purchase but these chargers lack many of the benefits of wall mounted units for your home.  However, for charging at home we highly recommend installing a ChargePoint Home Flex wall mount unit for a few reasons:  Whether you prefer to use the provided portable

What Does New California Solar Legislation Mean For You?

California is known for its ample sunshine, and because of that, it is the leader for rooftop solar energy. This has meant great financial perks for solar owners, as they require less (if any) energy from the traditional power grid. In addition, legislation has historically benefited solar owners over the utility companies, but that’s about to change… Current Benefits of Solar The mechanism behind solar panels is straightforward, they produce energy during the day when the sun is out. Unless you have your own solar batteries, the excess energy that

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