Why You Should Still Install a Wall Mount Charger vs. Use a Travel Charger at Home

All 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQ’s will come with a Webasto Go Dual Voltage Portable EV Charger (Retail $550) which is a good tool to use on road trips and vacation destinations for emergency charging. Other manufacturers, like Audi, BMW, Porsche, etc. also offer comparable portable chargers with purchase but these chargers lack many of the benefits of wall mounted units for your home. 

However, for charging at home we highly recommend installing a ChargePoint Home Flex wall mount unit for a few reasons: 

  • The provided portable charger has a max of 32 amps, while the ChargePoint has a charging rate of up to 48 amps and can be installed with a direct connection (called hard wiring) which provides the fastest charging time and is the safest for your home.
  • The wall chargers are fully insulated, safe and easy to use, and never come in contact with a plug outlet. Having less points of contact lessens the risk of any heat or fire threat.
  • All wall mounted chargers come with a dedicated phone app that allows you to monitor your charging times, power consumption, and when it turns on and off.
  • ChargePoint can be installed outside the garage if desired as they’re designed to be water and weather resistant.
  • It comes with a built in 23 foot cable to keep your garage organized without cables laying around the floor creating unnecessary trip hazards. 

Whether you prefer to use the provided portable charger or install a ChargePoint with us, you will still require a 240V plug in your garage. Our certified electricians can help wire and install both chargers properly and safely. 

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