evNation’s mission is to effortlessly connect the world’s Electric Vehicles to Solar Energy for a healthier planet.

Our founders, Alex and Neil, have over 30 years experience in the luxury car market and initially set up the company to install chargers for electric vehicles. However, they quickly realized solar and electric vehicles are complementary technologies. It is obvious that the current electric grid cannot support all the electric cars that will soon be connecting to it. The choice that customers make to help the environment by replacing their fossil fuel cars with clean energy EVs should be extended to include a home solar system.

Our Team

Alex Livadas, MBA

With an MBA from the University of Wisconsin, Mr. Livadas has a 30-year sales and marketing career at Mercedes-Benz where he pioneered the development of long-term client relationships within a sales team concept where a salesperson is paired with a team of sales assistants to build a full-service sales team.

Neil Okun, BBA

With a Bachelor of Business Administration from Miami Dade College, Mr. Okun has owned and operated multiple dealerships in Southern California including Audi, BMW and Porsche. He is the Founder and CEO of My Social Biz, a digital marketing and consumer direct advertising company. Mr. Okun possesses an entrepreneurial spirit with an inherent passion for consumer facing industries.

Athena Livadas, BS, BA

With Bachelor degrees in Marketing and Communications from Pennsylvania State University, Ms. Livadas has led global advertising campaigns on behalf of Fortune 500 companies such as: JP Morgan Chase, Comcast, Charles Schwab, Windstar Cruises and more.

Tony Medina, MBA

With a Bachelor in Social Ecology from the University of California – Irvine, an MBA from the University of Phoenix, and a Certificate of Business Marketing from The Wharton School, Mr. Medina has wide experience in the Solar Industry and is an avid advocate of protecting our environment with the use of renewable energy.

Dr. Jessie J Knight Jr., MBA, PhD.

With an MBA from University of Wisconsin and a PhD from San Diego State University, Dr. Knight was the Chief Sustainability Officer at Sempra Energy and he served as a Commissioner for California Public Utilities Commission among many other important positions in corporate America.

John Kontoulis, BBA, CPA

With a Bachelor in Business Administration from Illinois State University Mr. Kontoulis is a Certified Public Accountant and a leader in raising financing for numerous companies in the financial sector including taking companies from start up all the way to becoming publicly listed at The New York Stock Exchange.

Dr. Panos Livadas, M.A., PhD

With Master’s and PHD degrees in Mathematics and Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Florida, Dr. Livadas is an award-winning Professor of Computer Science at the University of Florida and has authored two textbooks and numerous research papers in the subject of mathematics being the foundation of computer science.