What Does New California Solar Legislation Mean For You?

California is known for its ample sunshine, and because of that, it is the leader for rooftop solar energy. This has meant great financial perks for solar owners, as they require less (if any) energy from the traditional power grid. In addition, legislation has historically benefited solar owners over the utility companies, but that’s about to change…

Current Benefits of Solar

The mechanism behind solar panels is straightforward, they produce energy during the day when the sun is out. Unless you have your own solar batteries, the excess energy that your panels produce are sent back to the grid during the day while sunlight is present, and back from the grid in the evening when the sun sets. Under the current law, the utility companies are required to pay you for the extra energy you produce at the same rate they charge you. However, under the new legislation beginning on April 15, 2023 the utilities will pay you only a fraction of the cost of what they charge you. The net result is your cost savings of electricity will be reduced by almost 75% under the new legislation. However, consumers who install their new solar system before April will be grand-fathered under the current net-metering system for the next 20 years.

The Future of Solar

Rooftop solar accounts for nearly 13 gigawatts of generation capacity in California, nearly one-quarter of the peak electricity demand on the grid served by state grid operators. Undercutting the growth of such a big portion of the state’s potential clean energy portfolio could slow down progress toward the state’s long term climate goals, which has taken a front-seat in sustainability discussions.

But do not fret, California remains by far the fastest-growing market for solar-battery systems in the country. It’s not too late to save by installing a system of your own, both for home power and your electric vehicle. On top of harnessing the omnipresent and renewable source of the sun, the power of solar can be put on layaway for times it’s not available. Using a solar battery to store excess solar generated midday and saving it for hot evenings has been one of the chief benefits of owning solar panels. 

The landscape of solar power remains ever changing as new technical innovations and policy changes occur. However, the investment of a solar powered home will always yield positive returns. Take advantage of legacy regulations with an evNation install today, and start 2023 with reduced bills and a reduced carbon footprint!